Please note that this information reflects our policies when the YMCA is in full operations. For the most up-to-date policies & changes, please contact us at 203-269-4497.

Welcome to the Wallingford Family YMCA! When you join the Y, you are joining a community, not just a gym. We want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your membership, and we are here to help you do just that! This member guide will help you get started with your membership by providing some general information about our YMCA community, and will answer questions that you may have about your membership. Beyond this guide, we are here to support you as you settle into any area of the Y, from aquatics to fitness classes to youth programs. Our staff is here to meet your needs, so please reach out as you have questions.

If you have questions or comments at any time, we welcome you to contact us. Your feedback helps to ensure that we meet the needs of our members and our community. We look forward to seeing you at the Y!

What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit to the Y, plan a few extra minutes to finalize the details of your   membership.

  • Bring your photo ID if you are age 16 or older.
  • We’ll take your photo for our records.
  • Everyone on your membership will get a membership card. If you prefer to use a mobile app, you may do so; please ask for details, or download at here.
  • Bring your health insurance card if your membership is paid for by your insurance.
  • If you plan to work out, bring a lock and a towel.
  • Dime lockers are available near our Welcome Center at our East Side Branch for small items such as wallets and keys. We even provide the dimes!
  • Please ask us questions if you have them. We’re here to help!

For the safety of our members, we ask that everyone check in at the Welcome Center.

  • As a member, please scan your membership tag each time you visit the YMCA. If you forget your tag, please stop at the Welcome Center so that we can check you in.
  • Visitors, guests and community participants must check in, show photo ID, complete a waiver and sign our visitors’ log. Please make sure you leave a few extra minutes so that your guest can complete a release form.
  • Registered sex offenders are not welcome at the YMCA. Our computer software scans our database and compares it to the registry on a regular basis. If a member is identified as a registered sex offender, the member will be terminated without refund.

Making the most of your membership

When you join the Wallingford Family YMCA, you are joining a community, not just a gym. We want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your membership, and we are here to help you do just that! Here are some quick links to help you settle in:

  • Our mobile app will enhance your membership experience and will help to keep you on track with your workouts. Download our Mobile App at http://www.wallingfordymca.org/mobile-app/ to find a class, track your workouts, enter challenges, receive notifications, and more! 
  • Our Facebook pages are a great way to connect, and to learn more about our community. We have several pages, so you can focus on specific interests.
  • Follow us on Twitter! 
  • See us in action on Instagram!
  • As a charitable organization, we invite you to become more involved in our mission by volunteering, by participating in our programs, or by becoming a sponsor to help members in need. Click here to learn more.

If you have questions or comments at any time, we welcome you to contact us. Your feedback helps to ensure that we meet the needs of our members and our community. We look forward to seeing you at the Y!

Manage your membership


Membership Temporary Freeze – Memberships can be on hold at no charge for up to 3 months per year, and for subsequent months for a nominal charge. Complete a membership change form; must be completed 30 days prior to the next draft date.

Membership Terminations – To terminate a membership, complete a Membership Exit Survey 30 days prior to the next draft date. Forms are available at our Welcome Center or by contacting us. Membership dues are non-refundable.

Draft Changes – Complete a draft form. We advise that you do not send financial information via email.

Other Membership Changes – To make other changes to a membership, complete a membership change form. For membership downgrades, change form must be completed 30 days prior to the next draft date.

Remember to let us know when your contact information or billing information changes so that you can continue to enjoy your membership without interruption.

You can download forms here:

Submit these forms:

  • To our Welcome Center on your next visit
  • Mail to Wallingford Family YMCA, 81 S. Elm St., Wallingford, CT 06492
  • Email to our Billing Coordinator. We advise that you do NOT send draft forms via email.

Age Guidelines


Children age 12 and older may use the YMCA without a parent/guardian.

Children 8-11 years old must have a parent/guardian in the YMCA building.

Children 7 and under must have a parent/guardian in the program area.


Basketball Court: Children age 13 & under may use the basketball court until 2:30 pm on weekdays and until noon on weekends, with parent supervision.

Locker Rooms: Available for ages 13 & up. Children 11-12 years old must be accompanied by a parent. Members age 18 and up may use the steam room and sauna. Additional restrooms are available near the basketball court, in group exercise, and in child watch.


Children 11-12 years old may use the cardio equipment only with the supervision of a parent/guardian.

Children 13-14 years old may use select circuit equipment.

Members 15 and older may use the free weight equipment.

We want to make sure members of all ages are using our fitness facilities safely and effectively. We offer a free orientation & training for all children ages 11 & up who are in need of this.

All Group Exercise Classes are FREE for members 13 & older.  Sign-ups begin 24 hours prior to class and are for members only.  To reserve a spot, please contact the Welcome Center of the branch at which the class is held.

Guest Passes

We offer options for guests who wish to visit more frequently:

  • One day pass: $10 (age 18+) – $5 (under age 18)
  • Guest pass cards: $90 for 10 visits – $150 for 20 visits

Guest passes are valid for one full day, and may be used at either of our Wallingford Family YMCA branches.

Guests must present photo ID, complete a release form, and be processed in our database, so please leave some extra time. Guests under the age of 18 must have a release form that is signed by a parent or guardian. Our release form may be downloaded here, if you would like to complete it in advance.

As a Nationwide Member, you now have the added value of visiting Ys across the United States and Puerto Rico. There are a few guidelines to know and follow when you travel:

  • Visit ymca.net before you travel to make sure the Y you intend to visit participates in Nationwide Membership. More than 2,500 Y locations participate.
  • You must have an active membership to be eligible for Nationwide Membership.
  • On average, at least 50% of your visits must be to your Home YMCA (the local association that enrolled you and collects your membership dues).
  • If you have known periods of seasonal travel (when you will not be using your Home Y at least 50% of the time or will be a resident of another area for more than 28 days), you will need to place your Home Y membership on hold or cancel it, and join the Y where you will be living for that time period. Please plan ahead, as it may take several weeks to place your account on hold.
  • If you are a college student, you will need to join the YMCA where your usage is 50% or greater. Nationwide Membership is based on individual usage, not the family unit. Most Ys have a young adult or college membership option or you can ask about the financial assistance program.
  • Most YMCAs require a photo ID for all visitors. Please bring a photo ID with you for a seamless customer experience.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver when visiting other YMCA locations.
  • Nationwide membership applies to Full Association memberships only. Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit members are not eligible. Other restrictions may apply.

We offer Nationwide Membership because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work or travel. This is an essential part of our cause of strengthening communities. We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy being part of more YMCA communities.

Code of Conduct

At the Wallingford Family YMCA, we expect staff, members, volunteers and guests to act in accordance with our mission and values at all times by behaving in a mature & responsible way and by respecting the rights & dignities of others. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in our facility and/or participating in our programs.

At the Wallingford Family YMCA, we demonstrate Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility by:

  • Speaking in respectful tones
  • Refraining from the use of vulgar or derogatory language
  • Dressing appropriately for the YMCA program area or event
  • Never wearing clothing that reveals undergarments or contains offensive wording
  • Resolving conflicts in a respectful, honest and caring manner
  • Never resorting to physical contact or threatening gestures
  • Never carrying or concealing a weapon or anything that may be used as a weapon
  • Respecting the property of others
  • Never engaging in theft or destruction
  • Picking up after ourselves and one another, including returning fitness equipment to the proper place
  • Cooperating with staff
  • Complying with all health and safety procedures

The YMCA is a drug, alcohol and smoke-free facility. Smoking, alcohol or drug use and/or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the premises is prohibited. No alcohol will be allowed on the premises unless at a sanctioned YMCA event.

Members and guests are encouraged to be responsible for their personal comfort and safety. Anyone who feels unsafe or uncomfortable should report the situation to a staff member. We will make every effort to investigate and resolve issues promptly, confidentially and effectively.

The YMCA reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member or to suspend visitation privileges of any guest who does not follow the Code of Conduct at any time while on-site at a branch or during participation in any Y affiliated program or event, regardless of location. Staff members may define what is considered a breach of the Code of Conduct and will ask the violator to leave. All reported incidents will be reviewed by the Executive Director or designate, and the decision to suspend or terminate YMCA membership or visitation privileges will be made at the discretion of the Executive Director or designate.

Program Policies


Outside personal trainers are not allowed to conduct their services within the Wallingford Family YMCA.

Personal Training at the YMCA is restricted to only those individuals who are specifically employed by the YMCA for this purpose.  Any participant observed or assumed to be personal training a member within the facility, who is not employed as a YMCA personal trainer, will have their YMCA privileges suspended or revoked.


Group Exercise Class reservations are for members.  Nationwide members & guests are welcome to take the class on a first come, first served basis. Sign ups start 1 day in advance, e.g., if you want to sign up for Tuesday 9:00 AM Spin, you can call Monday at any time. You may only register yourself & family members for class. Staff members cannot hold spots or automatically pre-register you for a class. Your reservation will be held until the start of class.


All programs have a set minimum number of participants needed for the program to run. The minimum for all youth classes is 3 participants. The minimum for Red Cross courses is 4 participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the instructor has the authority to cancel the class or program. If the YMCA cancels a class, a 100% refund will be given.


If the YMCA cancels a class, a 100% refund will be given. Program fees are fully refundable if withdrawal from a class occurs due to a doctor-documented illness. A voucher may be issued in lieu of refunds and is valid for one year. If withdrawal from a class occurs for any reason after the first class, a 50% refund or credit may be issued. No refunds will be issued after the second class. All refunds are subject to program director’s approval.

Pool Policies

The following rules are for the safety of all members. Please remember that the lifeguard is the sole authority of the pool and is responsible for enforcing the rules below:

  • A lifeguard must be on duty for members to enter the pool. A ratio 25:1 (25 patrons 1 lifeguard) is strongly enforced.
  • All persons are required to take a cleansing soap shower before entering the pool.
  • Persons with communicable diseases or open sores are not allowed in the pool.
  • Pool users must wear swimming suits or swimming trunks upon entry to the pool. Clothing such as cutoffs, gym shorts and underwear are not permitted in the pool. Swimwear should not have been worn for exercising immediately prior to pool use, must be colorfast and of lightweight material suitable for swimwear (such as Lycra, Spandex or nylon); no cotton material/clothing permitted in the pool. A clean t-shirt may be used for modesty or medical  reasons.
  • Individuals with hair longer than shoulder length must have it tied back. Use of a bathing cap in this case is strongly recommended.
  • No food, drink or gum chewing is allowed in the pool area except plastic water bottles. Absolutely no glass on pool deck.
  • Children ages 6 years or under are not permitted on the deck at any time unless accompanied by a parent/guardian or YMCA staff person. If under the age of 12, parents/guardians are required to be on deck with their children.
  • ADULT OPEN is for swimmers ages 18+ who would like to water walk, stretch, etc., whereas OPEN swim is for swimmers of any age. LAP swimmers must swim laps.
  • Each individual wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) must be within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian or YMCA staff member.
  • Specialized equipment such as fins, kickboards, pull buoys & snorkels are permitted in lap lanes only.
  • Use of toys & noodles is at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  • The slide is permitted for use during lessons only.
  • Use of inflatable devices (boats, rafts, arm floaties, etc.) is not allowed in the pool.
  • No person shall behave in such a manner that jeopardizes the health & safety of himself/herself or others.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging bodily fluid in the water or onto the pool deck is strictly prohibited
  • No prolonged underwater swimming for any time or any distance. Breath holding is not permitted.
  • No back dives, twists or flips are permitted off the side of the pool or the diving blocks. Diving and jumping is permitted only in the deep end near the starting blocks. Patrons should otherwise enter via ladders or the stairs.
  • Hanging on the lane lines is prohibited.
  • Any person wishing to swim in the deep end of either the lap or teaching pool must pass a mandatory swim test without support.

Policies & Procedures

In addition to the policies and procedures outlined in the other sections of our Member Guide, there are a few more things we would like for you to know.


Everyone entering building must stop at the Welcome Center. Members must scan cards. Visitors, guests and community participants must check in, show photo ID, complete liability waiver and sign visitor’s log. 

Registered sex offenders are not welcome at the YMCA. Our computer software scans our database and compares it to the registry on a regular basis. If a member is identified as a registered sex offender, the member will be terminated without refund.


Video recorders, cameras or any other visual recording devices are not allowed within the YMCA without the expressed consent of the Executive Director. Some cellular phones have the capacity to take pictures and video. We have zero tolerance for anyone taking pictures or video of another person without their permission.

Cell phone usage is not allowed in locker rooms in accordance with the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004. Members and guests cannot make or take cell phone calls while in the fitness center.

The Wallingford Family YMCA reserves the right to take pictures and video of its participants for brochures, publications, our website and other marketing purposes. If you would prefer not to be photographed, please stop by the Welcome Center and let us know in writing.


Each person, as a member or visitor, is solely responsible for any personal injuries or losses sustained while on any YMCA property or during any YMCA sponsored activities.

Facility Closings


During times of inclement weather, the Wallingford Family YMCA will make decisions regarding facility and program changes as soon as possible, with safety in mind. Facility closures and changes to our regular schedules will be posted on our website and our Facebook page, we will send a push notification through our mobile app, and we will update the facility status message on our phone system (call 203-269-4497 and press “1” for facility status).

The YMCA will make every attempt to make up classes for programs that have additional fees other than membership, but make-ups are not guaranteed.


Our facilities may have shortened hours or may be closed on holidays, in order to allow employees and members to enjoy time with family and friends. For a full listing of holiday hours, visit our Hours Of Operation page.


Shutdown happens once a year and allows us to repaint, refresh and perform regular maintenance.  With over 700 people visiting each day, sometimes it’s hard to keep up! This time allows us to deep clean and improve the Y.

While the West Side Branch is shut down, we encourage members to visit our East Side Branch. While the East Side Branch is shut down, the Welcome Center will be open for registration and questions Monday to Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM, but all program areas are CLOSED.


Per Connecticut State Law, at the first sight and/or sound of a thunder and lightning storm, lifeguards will clear the pool immediately for 30 minutes. If the lifeguards do not hear or see anything storm related during those 30 minutes, swimmers will be allowed back in the swimming pool at the end of that time period. If the lifeguards do see lightning and/or hear thunder within those 30 minutes, lifeguards are required to repeat the 30 minute time period over again.

Schedule a Tour!

See what we are all about!  Come check out our amenities we have to offer and speak with an expert to help you select the right membership for you or your family. For questions about membership or to schedule a tour, contact Vicki-Lynn Greco at vlgreco@wallingfordymca.org.