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Click Below for Workouts from Our Y Trainers!

Soup Can Workout with Denise

20 reps 2-6 rounds (beginner-advanced)

1. Reverse fly

2. Bicep curls

3. Plie’ squat w/front raise overhead

4. Tricep extensions

5. Bent over row w/standing swing out

Abdominal Workout with Denise

All you need is a windowsill!

20 reps of each exercise, 2-6 rounds (beginner-advanced), 30 sec. rest at the end of each round.

1. Leg raises
2. Bicycles
3. Scissors/criss cross
4. Flutter kicks
5. Single leg raise (other on top for        
6. Butterfly raises (feet together)

10 Minute Body Weight Workout From Lead Trainer Denise Bowen

Perform Each Exercise For 1 Minute. Do As Many Reps As Possible, Resting As Needed. Repeat Circuit. Feeling Ambitious? Repeat Multiple Times For A Longer Workout

  1. Body Weight Squats (use chair if you need to)
  2. Push-Ups (modified off wall or on your knees)
  3. Reverse Lunges (step back and drop straight down)
  4. Plank (low, high, or side doesn’t matter – your choice)
  5. Back Extension

20 Minute HIIT Ladder Workout

Warm Up, 30 Seconds each:

  • Knee Lifts
  • Squat with Toe touch
  • Side Lunges
  • Jumping Jacks

Do a full round of these exercises for 60 seconds, then 50 seconds, 40 seconds, 30 seconds, 20 seconds, and 10 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between sets!

  • Jump Squats
  • Burpees
  • Split Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers

Cool-Down Stretches, 30+ seconds each:

  • March in place
  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Dog
  • Forward Fold

Trainer Kristen Dearborn shares a quick at-home workout:

HIIT: High-intensity interval training, repeat exercises with minimal to no rest, consecutively. Rest for 2 minutes after all exercises are complete.
1. Push-ups on a couch or ottoman, knees on the ground to modify 3 x 15
2. Russian twists, body weight or available light weight 3 x 20
3. Squat jump, squat to toes to modify for those with knee issues 3 x 15
4. Side reach while bouncing to keep HR up 3 x 15 (each side)
5. High to low plank, or plank-hold to modify 3 x 12 or, 3 x 30 seconds

Tone your arms, core, butt, and legs with this speedy, efficient routine you can do anywhere.

Do you have Health & Wellness questions?
Our Lead Trainer, Denise Bowen, is here to help! Contact her now.