Gymnastics at the Wallingford Family YMCA


Gymnasts of all abilities have a great opportunity to have fun while developing a basic foundation for the sport of gymnastics. Our lessons help kids fine-tune their talents and love of the sport. Kids gain self confidence and can express themselves in this unique sport that combines creativity and physicality. In partnership with In Flight Gymnastics, we are pleased to offer gymnastics classes with Coach Brian La Roux. Brian has been coaching gymnastics for 44 years and was instrumental in developing the sport in South Africa.

Parent & Child (walking-2 years)
Learn the basics with your child as they learn to follow directions, improve balance, develop gross motor skills, gain strength, and self-confidence.
TU 9:45-10:30AM
TU 4:00-4:45PM
TH 9:45-10:30AM
SA 9:30-10:15AM

Munchkin Gymnastics (ages 3-4)
A more progressive gymnastics development program, children learn to develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance through
TU 10:40-11:25AM
TU 4:45-5:30PM
TH 10:40-11:35AM
SA 10:15-11:00AM

KinderGym (ages 4-5)
This class is a fun and exciting way for children to enjoy exercising while learning basic gymnastics skills. Our KinderGym class
emphasizes strength and coordination through acrobatic movement.
TU 5:30-6:15PM
SA 11:00-11:45AM

Youth Gymnastics (ages 6+)
Children build on their skills, gaining flexibility and strength, while progressing at their own pace in a fun and safe environment. They will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills like cartwheels, round-offs and handstands.
TU 6:15-7:00PM
SA 11:45AM-12:30PM

Family Members $60 | Youth Members $67 | Community Participants $90