With generous contributions from Fred Ulbrich, Jr, William Wadsworth, Fred Valenti, Chris McLaughlin and other dedicated Heritage Club members, the Endowment Fund was established in 1982 to ensure the legacy of the Wallingford Family YMCA.

Now is the time to rejuvenate those efforts of our founding fathers and build that treasury to help the YMCA continue to meet the dynamic needs & opportunities within the Greater Wallingford community.


The vision of the Endowment Fund is to support expansion of buildings & facilities and to fund capital equipment purchases & repair. Most importantly, the Fund will allow the Wallingford Family YMCA to extend our outreach of services & programs that address community needs.

The Endowment’s principal remains intact, with its earned income reinvested back into the Fund each year. The design and vision of this fund is to grow the principal so that we are able to allocate a portion of its earned income to help support our mission-driven programs & capital reinvestment that will provide continued sustainability to the  Wallingford Family YMCA.

Your planned gift will not simply ensure the sustainability with the Wallingford Family YMCA. More importantly, it will allow your legacy and your values to influence our community for generations to come.

You are not alone in your desire to make a lasting difference in the Greater Wallingford community. By designating your planned charitable gift to the YMCA, you will become a member of the Heritage Club, joining other passionate cause-driven philanthropists that have pledged their support.


There are many ways that you can make a planned charitable gift to the YMCA:

Wills & Bequests – A gift to the Endowment Fund by will permits you to retain all of your assets during your lifetime and/or the life of your spouse. Designations may be a percentage of your estate or for a specified amount.

Charitable Trust – A Charitable Trust can provide income to you and your spouse as long as you both live. Thereafter, the trust principal will go to the Fund. You may also name additional charities as principal recipients.

Life Insurance – When the added protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed, transferring the policy’s ownership to the Endowment Fund can result in tax benefits for you and a generous gift to the YMCA. The Fund can also be included as a policy beneficiary.

Charitable Lead Trust – This option provides income for the Endowment Fund for a specific period of time you determine. At the end of the term, the assets are distributed to the loved ones you have designated.

Outright Gift – A direct gift of cash, appreciated securities or real estate may be the most convenient way to make a  contribution to the Fund.

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Executive Director
Sean Doherty