Meet our winner, Jennifer Humowitz!

We received some great submissions for our Total Body Tranformation contest, and we had a tough time choosing just one! Congratulations to our winner, Jennifer Humowitz, who will receive:

  • FREE personal training from October – December 2019
  • A chance to extend her training for an additional 3 months (Jan-Mar 2020), if she holds up her end of the bargain!
  • FREE use of the Wallingford Family YMCA now through the end of her journey.
  • The full support of the Wallingford Family YMCA community!

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This week Krista had Jenn rowing with full force! And Row, she did! In the video below, Jenn can be heard turning to the young man next to her and yelling, “It’s that all you’ve got?!” Amazing job, Jenn! Keep on rowing!

During Week 5, Jenn was very excited to share some progress pictures with us, as well as a photo of her latest workout. We can see a definite difference in Jenn. Can YOU?

It’s Week 4 and we checked in with Jenn to see how she’s feeling. In a word: AMAZING!

“As I shared last week, I have not been able to EVER comfortably zip my sweatshirt, and after only 3 weeks , I can! This week I’m sharing a close up picture that shows my face thinning out. And I’m still smiling after a two-plus mile hike yesterday at Hammonasset Beach State Park!
My joints feel so much better. Additionally, 90% of the knee pain is now gone and can easily go up and down steps without knee pain.
Krista and I work out 3 times a week together then I try and go 1-2 times on my own. Bring on another week!”

Small victories aren’t always a small deal! This week we received an email from Jenn, very excited to share her latest victory with us:

“Wanted to send you this…. may not be a big deal for many, but I’ve never been able to comfortably zip up this sweatshirt…. I’ve only worked with Krista for 7 sessions and I’m thrilled at the progress we are seeing”

This week Jenn and Krista went over elliptical intervals for maximal calorie burn. The second piece, shown here, is a cardio circuit for, once again, maximal fat burn and spike calorie burn. Functional weight training, paired with light calisthenics in timed intervals allows Jenn the proper rest time along with right intensity to get the perfect calorie burn and fat oxidizing rest combination.

On Thursday, October 17, Jennifer and Krista got to work! Hard work is the name of the game as Jenn works to hit her goals. Over the next few months, Jenn will share her struggles and triumphs with us all, right here on her website. If you like what you see, why not schedule your own personal training session?

On October 9th, Jenn sat down for her first session with Krista, one of our Expert Personal Trainers. They discussed Jenn’s goals and obstacles while forming a plan of attack for her weight loss journey. Going forward, Krista and Jenn will meet twice a week to work out at our West Side Branch. A match made in heaven!

Are you interested in working out with Krista, too? Learn more about Krista and her background. The register for your own personal training sessions!

On Wednesday, September 25th, we announced on Facebook Live that Jenn would be the winner of our Total Body Transformation. This announcement was viewed over 2.2k times and met with great support from our members and the community at large. We are so excited to work with Jenn and watch her reach her goals. Congrats, Jennifer!

 Winner Announced!

I am a 46 year old mom and wife to two teenage boys.  I led a very active life in my “younger days” and was a 3 sport athlete growing up here in Wallingford.

Fast forward to today.  I never had a weight problem until after I had my boys.  The weight slowly crept on, then stayed on, no matter what I did. Then came the thyroid condition.  Then came the Brain Condition. Then the arthritis. I have tried all the diets out there, I have seen physicians and naturopath doctors and nutritionists.    Part of my problem, is I have many health issues besides being overweight (or as my insurance company so politely calls it, morbidly obese). I used to love going to the gym and participating in classes.  I also loved working with Evan Gladney, a former personal trainer at the YMCA.  When I worked with him, I saw results. I have arthritis and I had both hips replaced already when I was 38 years old. I have joint pain in all of my joints, so there are some days when walking up the stairs is a challenge (we live on the 2nd and 3rd floor so no getting around that LOL).  I know that taking weight off will drastically improve my joint pain.  I have looked into weight loss surgery as an option, but my insurance won’t cover it, so I need to do it the old-fashioned way, which I am ok with.  My mom was overweight, and ultimately died of a massive heart attack at 48; that’s kind of the “elephant in the room” so to speak, now that I’m 2 years away from the age she was when she suddenly passed. The last thing in the world I want to do is leave my husband and kids behind at such a young age.

My weight is getting in the way of so many activities that I love to do.  I volunteer at the Mystic Aquarium with the Stranded Animal Rescue Program, which involves responding to calls of injured marine life along the shoreline, including seals, sea turtles, dolphins, etc.  I also participate in the release of these beautiful animals once they are nursed back to health, and with my weight, it’s becoming extremely difficult (and scary) to navigate the beach and /or slippery rocks and  sand while carrying a 70 pound seal in a crate. I would be devastated if I was not able to continue volunteering because of my weight.

I know I can “do the work” needed here, I just need a little pushing and motivation (ok, maybe a lot). I am slowly discontinuing some of my medications and harsh cleaning products we use in our home, and opting for a more natural way of doing things.   We are diffusing essential oils in our home and using CBD oil and cream for pain and anxiety. Surprisingly to some, I still look in the mirror and like myself, even with the extra weight.  I am not doing this for vanity reasons though, I just want to be around for a long, long time for my family.  I do not want my life cut short like my mother’s was. I want to see my boys graduate from college, have kids of their own, and grow old with my husband.

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